School of Design

Graphic design is a wide-ranging field requiring skilled professionals with a fundamental understanding of the role that form, function, creativity and critical viewpoint play in the creation of visual communications. Graphic design training at Sanford-Brown’s School of Design is professionally-focused to help students pursue their interests. At our schools, students will be challenged to examine complex, multifaceted commercial design problems and explore how to develop dynamic and innovative solutions.

Understand Elements of Visual Design

Students in Sanford-Brown College’s graphic design and visual communications programs can learn from our many experienced professionals who can help them acquire an understanding of the different elements of visual design. Our graphic design classes can also teach students how to apply the basic design elements of effective visual materials to the development, planning, production and presentation of print publications and web design.

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Industry Standard Software

Each of our students has the ability to download up-to-date software used right now by industry professionals. Using this software, you will have the opportunity to develop skills that will allow you to be competitive in the commercial design industry.