Building Information Modeling

Computer Aided Design

Building information modeling is an area in numerous industries requiring the communication of ideas and plans from the creative-design stage through pro- duction. At Sanford-Brown, students can use com- puter-aided drafting and design methods to produce drawings in traditional design and drafting fields.

Instruction from Experienced Faculty

Students enrolled in this program are instructed by faculty and many experienced professionals so they gain the knowledge, skills and ability to make good design decisions. Students should also be able to recogize the challenges of future technological advances in professions such as architectural design, construc- tion design, engineering design, industrial design and interior design.

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Advanced Software & Rendering

Design commercial and residential structures in 2D and 3D software. Explore design and layout of heat- ing, cooling, electrical and plumbing systems. Create high quality images of your building designs. Apply light and energy studies to help you make the right choices in a virtual environment.